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Frequently Asked Questions


The best & easiest way to engage us to by getting in touch. We will gladly respond to all and any of for your inquiries. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

 01  How does ACTS work?

At ACTS, we are very proud of the relationship we have with our partners. We are always looking for different ways to satisfy and delight both our clients and partners providing packages that no other company can provide.




 02  What is different about ACTS?


Often, clients tell us that one of the biggest advantages of working with us is because we are not typical consultants. We “do not just produce Power Point presentations”; we are experienced partners who are not afraid to get our hands dirty




 03  What does ACTS stand for?

Having been in the solution & consulting space and understanding life-cycles of client engagement we have aligned to offering to:


A | Assessment,

C | Consulting Services,

T | Training & Testing,

S | Systems & Technology.

Hence our solutions revolve around delivery of all above in line to Delivery Management.



 04  Next Steps?.

Call our expert team. We will honour your invitation to a meeting. We can discuss the need that you have, & draw a plan of action and delivery from there.

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