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Leadership in Times of Crisis

Crisis times are periods where, as they say, the rubber hits the road and true leaders will show themselves.

True leadership is about keeping a clear head, having the vision, sharing it and rallying people around it. One of our clients showed true leadership during this corona crisis. Immediately the first case was diagnosed, plans to work from home were worked on. All that could just grab there computer and work from home, did so from day one. The Heads of Department started an agile approach with daily huddles, sharing their experience and what they were doing to get their team to work effectively. All of them realized that being open to their team members, listening to their concerns and fear, not just work related, and guiding them as they worked on solutions was essential. Within 2 weeks all teams were now well settled into the virtual reality. Even the accounts department in liaison with the IT Team found creative solutions to work from home 80%, even though they depended on a physical server. All Members of staff were given a percentage of their salary as an advance, so they could go and stock up on essentials.

The Teams that are working on Project Sites were given the PPEs, that had been bought well in advance and in addition were given support where necessary from arranging all team members to be picked by designated vehicles, to all staff working on sites being put on vitamin, an isolation apartment being set up etc.

The Management of this Company showed true leadership.

The article below summarizes the skills needed very well, even though I do not agree with the 7th skill. I do not think monetary help is most important

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