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Services offered by Project Management Consultants

A #projectmanagementconsultant will offer you a variety of service and tailor make the solution for your problem. As pointed out before a true #consultant will always be very experienced with a minimum of 10-15 years real hands-on experience. He will also have a #servantleadership heart and approach. #coaching and #mentorship will be part of the program. When choosing a consultant to help you make sure you chose one with proven experience in handling a wide variety of projects before going into consulting.

what to look for in a good consultant:

  1. Global experience & knowledge of best project management practices - look for international certifications like PMP®

  2. Experience in setting up successful Project Management Offices

  3. Track record of On-demand coaching for project managers and senior management

  4. Business Analysis skills

  5. Experience analyzing corporate culture

  6. Experience assessing project management maturity

  7. Helping companies getting their projects back on track

Contact us for all your consultancy needs, we will tailor make a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

This article below, even though from a different consultant in a different country, sums up nicely what we at ACTS Integration stand for.

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