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Accelerate Your Project Management Success

Strategy, Transformation, Delivery & Project Experts

IT Project Management in Kenya

IT project management in Kenya. Learn to identify, assess & manage typical IT projects. Train in IT project management & enroll now at ACTS- Integration.


A transformation, delivery management consulting & training company.

We combine project management expertise in assessment, consulting, capacity building(training), staffing, tools & systems(technology).


Project Management Consultants services in Kenya.

Technology & Strategy Project Management Support

Our Belief

IT Project Management in Kenya. Mastery comes from teaching others. And guiding others is a step in developing leadership capabilities

IT Project Management in Kenya
IT Project Management in Kenya
IT Project Management in Kenya
IT Project Management in Kenya







IT Project Management in Kenya

Agile Approaches, Setup, Adoption & Governance

Agile project management training in Kenya. Agile, the new buzz word and requirement for delivery in all organizations and most industries. Our partner have mastered agile understanding and adoption approaches that have as expected delivered "required predictable results". We use our capabilities and experience to help organizations adopt agile best practices.

Setup and Management of Enterprise Projects Office Setup

PMP training in Kenya. Profitability & Success is based on how well we deliver. Delivery is required all through and all business types and departments. Strategies, projects, initiatives, solutions, technology deployment everything needs to achieve success. Success is achieved through meticulous planning and using of best practices that have predictable results. We use frameworks that are drawn & managed under the Project Management Office (PMO) 

IT Project Management in Kenya
IT Project Management in Kenya

Capacity & Workshops to Align Success

We realize and encourage the people element and contribution to "any success" in an organization. We have all our solutions based and aligned to an "inclusive consultation" approach. We understand the good practices being implemented and sell  suggested best practices using this approach.

"People Support a world they helped create" Dale Carnegie

Technology Adoption & Performance Improvement (Benefits Realization)

Once we have set the "right" ground/approach. We automate and enhance the framework/methodology/approach. By customizing the required tools that will encourage and streamline the process using the required visualization techniques that help see value and increase predictability of the required results & outcomes. Project management training in Kenya.

IT Project Management in Kenya
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Manage and Support Organizations Digital Transformation Journey 

We understand the challenges that leaders face when running a Digital Transformation that will be successful, based on which we developed this approach to help them to succeed

Our Approach

We have a unique approach to help you solve one the most important problems that leaders face: a complete approach end to end to create awareness and generate transformation for your company in this Digital Era!

IT Project Management in Kenya

Unique Approach

See how we have crafted our result oriented approach from years of experience.


All your questions answered by our experts.

IT Project Management in Kenya


Enjoy our video tips to improve your Projects Delivery.


SME & Retail
Health Care Payers, Providers & Services
Process Building & Building Material
Technology Business & Integrators
Non Governmental Organizations
Power & Utilities
Oil & Gas
Education & Media


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