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ICT Governance

IT governance is “the responsibility of executives and the board of directors; who need to ensure that the enterprise's IT sustains and extends the enterprise's strategies and objectives.”

You wouldn’t think that organizational basics or foundational practices of ICT Governance are fully in place, especially in large enterprises. Again and again, IT leaders are underestimating the importance of cultural and foundational aspects such as governance, management practices, and understanding business value. You must have these fundamentals right before moving on."

Enterprise Governance of IT + Business & IT Alignment = Value Creation 

The Domains that need Governed

Data Security: We help ensure the security of data and systems within an organisation are taken care of.
This includes (though not limited to)
1. Setting access and permissions controls
2. Identifying and patching vulnerabilities
3. Responding to security incidents.

System Compliance: It is key that the ICT systems, processes comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. We help align.

Change Management: Understanding, aligning, establishing and maintaining processes for managing changes within the organizations ICT environment.

Strategic Alignment: It is important that ICT decisions are aligned with the organization's overall strategic objectives. We ascertain that this is aligned. 

Performance Monitoring: Drawing, testing, developing and implementing processes for monitoring the performance of ICT systems and processes.

Capacity Planning: Aligning processes, developing and implementing processes for managing the capacity of ICT systems.

How We help

We enable the creation of an interactive Framework diagram for IT governance.

Benefits that can be achieved

  • The people who need to decide on major issues appearing during a transition have a common insight and overview

  • The dependencies, how complex the transition may be, are always traceable and trackable (via visual click and highlighted path)

  • An IT Governance Framework has the ability to visualize the impact of changes and chosen alternative solutions


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