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Project Review & Recovery

37% of an organization's projects are at risk of failure.*

According to research findings from Strategies for Project Recovery research.

With so much at stake, fast action is the key to avoiding losses associated with project failures.​

Projects can easily derail and / or fail. According to research 37% of all projects fail. This is regardless of the projects being internal or client facing. This is a serious fact organizations need to be prepared for. Both scheduled and ad hoc project reviews are essential tools that help you stay ahead of the game. Reviews provide the basis for successful project recovery.

Common Symptoms of Troubled Projects

  • Critical issues in meeting milestones or completing deliverables

  • High risk of non-delivering anticipated benefits

  • Resources are not fully allocated to the project

  • The project is consistently behind its planned schedule

  • They are critical and/or significantly growing technical issues with the project

Top 5 Actions Taken to Recover Projects

  • Improving communication, stakeholder management

  • Redefining the project—reducing the scope, re-justifying the project financially

  • Adding and/or removing resources

  • Resolving problematic technical issues

  • Replacing the project manager or bringing in a consultant to manage recovery

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Review Project 

Scheduled Project Reviews show you that all is well in ongoing projects and is a great opportunity to also review the methodology, the processes and artefacts. They are really helpful in long duration projects.

Ad hoc reviews are usually scheduled if:

  • Somethings seems off in the project

  • Benefits are not achieved / milestones are not met

  • Time overruns are becoming severe or continuous

  • Resources are distracted by their other responsibilities

  • Critical and/or significantly growing technical issues


What a review looks like depends on the situation. We work with you to determine what kind of review needs to be done.

Once the review is complete a comprehensive report is prepared, that will inform the recovery process


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