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Infrastructure Requirements, Assessment & Sizing

Engaging experts for infrastructure requirements assessment is key to ensuring the smooth running and reliability of an organization’s IT systems. Without the proper analysis and assessment of scalability and 360 views. Organizations may experience downtime, compatibility issues, scalability issues, and other technical difficulties that can be costly and time-consuming to fix. By getting the right support,  you can ensure that your IT systems are running as efficiently and securely as possible and that they are able to meet the needs of the business, now, and the life span of the hardware.  Additionally, having the right support in place can help to reduce the risk of over-specification,  cyber-attacks, and other security threats.

In Line With Best Practices

1. Assess the OPERATIONAL needs of the BUSINESS and the APPLICATIONS to be hosted.

We consider all components in alignment to



Processing & RAM Elements

MS Project 2.jpeg


support operations, optimizations & orchestration

A team discussion at a trading room


Storage Requirements

Person Analyzing Data

Physical Data Center

Infrastructure Requirements (PR Vs. DR; Hosted Vs. Owned)

Digital social media

Network, Connectivity & Security

Core & Wide Area Requirements

Data Cloud


On-premise hosting and Hybrid hosting

Sizing the infrastructure is always important when you start new IT projects, which require their own set of systems, processes and information


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