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Project Portfolio Management

Getting the "real" big picture view of project activity.

Portfolio Reporting & Analysis

Without a well-defined information gathering and analysis structure for project portfolio reporting, the execution of PPM will produce disappointing results. ACTS will work with you to customize and implement our five-level portfolio reporting model. We establish value and performance measures at the project, program, and portfolio levels, and then create analysis mechanisms to provide outcome visibility at the department and corporate levels. Analysis includes productivity, resource management, customer satisfaction, financial evaluations, macro-categorization comparisons, ROI, and more; all customized to assist you in managing the demands of your unique business. Plan your success, measure it, and manage it.

KANO Model
RICE Matrix Adoption
Other Custom Solutions
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Project Portfolio Management Assessment

In Project Portfolio Management you group projects and programs together that will together help you achieve a strategic objective. For best results Project Portfolio Management needs to be customized to your needs as an organization, your level of organizational / project management maturity, your sector and several other deciding factors. Business Decisions like which strategic objective, portfolio or project to prioritize are made with the help of scoring models like the RICE Scoring model or the Kano Model. Customized effective PPM is the difference between a strategy remaining a piece of paper and it being implemented successfully.

We start you off by assessing your current project portfolio management processes and, in collaboration with you, identify the appropriate level of PPM maturity for your organization. This process is similar to the project management maturity assessment process.

We then apply our best-in-class Project Portfolio Management Maturity Model to determine your current PPM capability and identify process gaps between your organization’s current state and desired future state. We provide the roadmap for improvements and work with you to develop the implementation plan.


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