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Organizational Change Management

Manual, Policy, Guidelines, Processes & Procedure, Implementation

Any introduction of a new system, framework, software or other major change in how we do our work is a shift for the organization. Any change requires a delicate, systematic, and well-planned approach to avoid failure and affect positive change.

We have the experts and the experience to guide your organization through the necessary transition, ensuring you are ready for change, are prepared to lead the change, and are able to validate that change has occurred. Organizational Change Management happens in tandem with the projects that implement the actual change. Change Managers & Project Managers work Hand in Hand.

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Change Readiness Assessment

A Change Readiness Assessment documents your organizational climate in terms of its culture, its history with change/transformation initiatives, and its resistance to change. We use a series of diagnostic tools to determine your organization’s readiness for a successful transformation effort. Information on attitudes and behaviors gathered during stakeholder interviews and surveys allows us to collectively identify areas of concern and barriers you are likely to encounter during your change efforts. Interviews with team members give insights into how Senior Management culture is perceived.

All this information will inform decisions to be made and actions to be taken. The best approach to be sued will be determined and a Change Management Action Plan can be prepared.


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