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Vendor Management & Contract Implementation

Vendor management is a necessity in business today.

For successful Vendor Management you need to develop a framework that guides interactions with the vendor and appoint relevant relationship agents on all levels. An Internal framework for vendor management should include:

  • Vendor selection process

  • Vendor retention policies

  • Grooming & maintaining of Vendor relationships

  • Taking care of your vendors

The relationship between yourself, vendor(s) and manufacturers in a project can become complex. Then you need to remember that your individual vendors have an agreement with you, not with other suppliers. During the planning process, you may discover vendor deliverables have dependencies on each other. We will help you plan management of each vendor and of the integration points.

  • Vendor integration points

  • Handoffs / sign offs

  • Relationship building

During this delicate balancing act, we will be right by your side and smoothen the way.

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Marketing team meeting

Requirements Gathering & Request for Proposal Creation

This is a critical requirement and important step in any delivery or project success. This sets the base for and delivery and project success. If this activity is done well and is successful. Then all other expectation and project delivery and deliverables run seamlessly and smooth. 


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