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Project Management Methodology Implementation

Understanding, Framework Creation, Framework Implementation, Operating, Enhancement.

Do you have a methodology & Is your methodology agile enough to meet business demands?


We use a tired and tested 7 Steps Process that GUARANTEES Results.

1. Identify the Projects/ Offices Needs

2. Select A Methodology

3. Communicate the Plan

4. Establish & Enable Project Management Tools

5. Monitor Progress

6 Make Adjustments

7. Evaluate Performance

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Understanding the Requirement, Gaps & Success Criteria

You need a project management methodology that meets your company’s unique needs and market sector and fits your team. We work with you to look at all influencing factors to develop a unique methodology that fits you and your team.

Influencing factors:

  • Market sector

  • Are you doing client projects or predominantly internal projects

  • Size of your portfolio

  • Complexity & duration of your projects / programs

  • Your current operational model

  • Your Project Management Maturity

  • Your current growth

  • Your mid-term & long-term strategic plan

  • Your culture


We will also look at your current processes, artefacts and tools and integrate these where possible to develop a methodology unique to your organization that meets your need at this point. There is no need to start from scratch. We will evaluate the current state of your processes and utilization across your organization. Our expert consultants also have a toolkit of processes, forms, and templates to draw from that can be used to complement what you already have.

Success Stories
Tips for Transitioning from Employee to Consultant

Moving from employee to consultant requires a shift in mindset. As an employee, you enjoy much less risk and greater predictability than a consultant. You work with the same people, are assigned working space and equipment to do your job, are prescribed days off (paid, no less!), and generally know what to expect from day to day..


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