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Benefits of Agile Project Management

Today let's think a bit about the benefits of agile. It has very distinct benefits and advantages compared to traditional project management.

However remember it is not a cure-all and it is not applicable in every area. For example in an construction project you can never be purely agile, since you need to know how many floors you are building and what use the building is for, as you are building the foundation. at the same time the order in which you build the floors is fixed, you can't build the roof or the 10th floor before the first has been done etc. However when it then comes to to fit-out and other parts of the project you can consider agile methodology.

I strongly believe we are heading into a very hybrid landscape in project management, where all of us will be using both traditional and agile project management in our projects. Hence it is very important to understand both worlds.

If you haven't done so already please download the agile manifesto and read & understand it.

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