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Business Analysis Techniques

It is now generally agreed that #businessanalysis will help you not only analyze your business options and proposals, but also make informed decisions. Business analysis is a combination of knowledge, tools and tasks used to identify #businessneeds, then propoase #changes and find #solutions. There are many different tools you can use. One online article even talks about over 60 tools. Today let's look into 10 of the most common tools.

  1. Business Process Modeling - helps to understand and analyze the gaps

  2. Brainstorming - still a good tool to generate new ideas

  3. CATWOE - identifies the leading players: Customers - Actors - Transformation Process - World View - Owner - Environmental Constraints

  4. MoSCoW - Must or Should, Could or Would - prioritizes requirements by providing a frame work

  5. MOST - Mission, Objectives, Strategies & Tactics - a robust business analysis framework

  6. PESTLE Analysis - Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental - Helps identify environmental factors that influence your business

  7. SWOT Analysis - There is even an extended SWOT, which looks into the external and internal factors. This is taught by the KPI Institute

  8. The Six Thinking Hats - a process that guides the groups thinking by encouraging to look at different ideas and perspectives:

    1. White - data & logic

    2. Red - intuition, emotion, gut feeling

    3. Black - potential negative results

    4. Yellow - the positive aspects

    5. Green - creativity, innovation

    6. Blue - the big picture, process control

9. The 5 Whys - ask yourself the question "why" 5 times

10. Non Functional Requirements Analysis

Learning to use these tools, how to use them and when to use which one, is what distinguishes you as a #businessanalyst.

Contact us for more information - we will walk with you on your journey to effective business analysis.

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