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Online Learning - how can we make it work?

If you are not used to online learning it can be quite a challenge. Especially during live sessions. On demand sessions are easier, since you can stop them or repeat them. However attending training from home is not always easy and takes some getting used to. If you physically walk into a class room, then your mind switches into training mode. However at home, you need to teach your mind to be ready.

Here are a few practical tips:

1. Prepare yourself and the place you will be attending the session from.

That involves a few things:

- ensure the place is quite

- ensure you have good internet reception there

- it is better to do this from a table or desk, if you can, since you will need to take notes. The screen shots of the presentation alone will not be enough.

- have a note book - remember if you take handwritten notes you will remember up to 15-20% of what was said, digital written notes are not as effective with only up to 10%

- inform any house mates you have that you are attending a session a need quiet around you, however you may have to compromise with them and should not just hog the best spot in the house for yourself

- test the computer readiness in terms of microphone and - if needed - camera. For example my current laptop is about 7 or 8 years old and the microphone and speaker are not the best. So I use a simple Skype headset. I always make sure I have plugged in and tested it before the webinar or training begins.

2. Prepare yourself for the topic

- check for previous notes

- read up on the topic

- think about the experiences - good or bad - that you have had in the area being covered

- prepare any questions you have, then tick them off if they are answered during the training session

- have a notepad ready, that is different from your note book where you are taking notes of the training - where you jot down things that creep into your mind and distract you during the session. When you do this from home it is easy for things like "I need to wash dishes", "I need to fix this...." or "I need to water the plants / feed the fish" etc to pop up in your mind. If you do not write them down they will occupy your mind and concentration will be gone.

3. Prepare yourself for the training

- having all other things either done or scheduled, so that you have a free mind to focus on the training

- make sure you have eaten, but not eaten too much to avoid drowsiness

- drink plenty of water before the training

- have a glass of water ready in front of you

- wear comfortable clothing

- adjust the chair / the light etc to the most comfortable settings

- Make sure you are logged in at least 5 minutes before the training begins, so that you are sure there are no technical problems and you got your seat.

If you follow the above tips, you should be able to enjoy your training session and gain as much as possible from it. Make good use of the current situation where you are forced to stay at home. It is a great time to catch up on learning and sharpen our skills.

We at ACTS Integration will be sharing more online training sessions as we go along, so keep checking for announcements on our website and social media pages

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