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Positivity is a Choice

When I go through social media I see a lot of panic, a lot of anger and a lot of bored people. Overall people are very unhappy in their situations. One of my friends send me a picture this morning that said - among other things - "Positivity is a Choice".

It touched me deeply.

Yes we are in a situation we do not like and we miss all our normal social interactions. However look at the positive things we have gained:

1. Time to connect with family, whether in the house or virtually. A friend of mine told me how her family, spread over 3 countries, just hangs out on a skype call every day. They never used to do that before. My sisters and I whatsapp more often than we used to. Families are suddenly pulling out cards and board games

2. We can concentrate on our work without constantly someone stopping at our desks. I am amazed how much I am getting done.

3. We have time to ourselves. I have been taking the chance to think about my life and the things I want to change.

4. We have a chance to catch up on reading

5. We have a chance to do online training. I have already done a few. It is amazing how many free courses you can find now. Whether it is a full training with several modules and little knowledge tests at the end of each or it is a 1 hr webinar. Just go exploring. You will be surprised at what is out there.

This is the time to do the training you always wanted to.

Turn this "threat" to our normal hectic life and turn it into an amazing opportunity.

Have some fun today and think some positive thoughts.

Also check this website for any online training coming up.

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