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Standards are your Building Blocks

Even though the world is abuzz with talk about the future of project management being agile or hybrid, we still need to know the foundation of traditional project management first. There is actually a reason why it is reconmmended that you only attend PRINCE2® Agile Training if you have done PMP or PRINCE2® Practitioner certification.

These basic standards are the foundation of what you do in Agile. Similar to the way all music is build on the simple musical scales and all great composers study these before they start composing. Unless you understand the scales and know how to use them, your composition is bound to end up a failure. The same applies in Project Management. Unless you have learned the foundation, the international standards, you will not be able to be really successful in a way you run your projects. Yes I do believe the future of project management is hybrid, where we use different approaches for different part of projects, depending on the circumstances, what is known by the time you start and which of the 6 project constraints is fixed. However using more complex project management approaches you will spend more time in detailed planning and will need to monitor and evaluate even more closely.

The basic 5 process groups of any project, may need to be repeated more often for the agile parts, but they still remain the same:

These 5 process groups build up on each other, even if they overlap. If you leave out any of them, then your project framework / methodology may simply collapse at some point.

Hence make sure you have learned the basic standards first, have understood them fully and practiced them many times, before you start pushing the boundaries.

Yes the complexity of our projects these days requires new and creative approaches, but the building blocks of the Project Management Standards remain the same.

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