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Train yourself to be more observant during this time

I am sure you are wondering what I am trying to get at.

Keen observation and an eye for detail are very important for a project manager and a leader. We need to pick up on things that are not always so obvious.

Training your eye to pick up small details, will not just tell you new things about your neighborhood, but it will train your eye for this.

If I hadn't been a keen nature watcher before I would not have noticed this nest being build in my landlords back yard. Now what is amazing about this is that this is a pair of Hammerkop. Hammerkop are water birds. The next pond or dam is not exactly near by. So I was really amazed and these 2 deciding to build their nest here.

You do not need to turn into a nature lover to train yourself to be more observant and develop a keen eye for details. Just spend some time looking out of your window and just observe. Look for things you have never noticed before.

I remember sitting in a car once waiting for a friend to finish his errand and come back. So I started looking around. Suddenly I noticed that the roof brackets of the 6 story building near by were actually bright red. Another time while sitting in traffic jam I noticed that the pillars of a conference center had faces integrated into them.

If you start looking out for such small details, you will slowly realize that you are picking up small details on your project sites, or small details in stakeholders body language.

Have some fun training your eyes for details while you are stuck at home.

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