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What is Business Agility

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Business agility is defined as the ability to react & adapt to internal and external situational change quickly. You can imagine the situations in which #businessagility is of utmost importance. Medical organizations come to mind, as well as emergency response organizations, but also market driven organizations.

During the current pandemic crisis all organizations found themselves in a place where they had to develop business agility to survive.

The ones who will survive or survive best will be the ones that have:

- a flexible #leadershipteam that thinks out outside of the box

- incorporates #designthinking

- has short and clear internal decision making processes

- has clear escalation matrix

- has the vision & mission ingrained in their day to day management approach - this takes work. Especially the leadership team needs to make vision & mission second nature and have these 2 as part of the deciding factors in all decisions.

- has a leadership team that is able and willing to embrace change quickly and then sensitize their respective teams.

- embraces @servantleadership with focus on helping the team through the relevant changes.

Read a bit more about business agility in the article below

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