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What is the PMD Pro® Certification?

Among all the different #projectmanagement certifications you can do there is a new kid on the block that is gaining popularity: #PMDPro.

PMD Pro® is a certification specifically developed by the NGO sector for the NGO sector. In other words if you are in #developmentprojects, then this is for you. Projects in NGOs are different by nature to the normal commercial projects. Stakeholders are often donors and not paying clients, which brings a whole new set of deliverable requirements. At the same time the NGO sector grew independent from the private sector and some terminologies differ.

If you sign up for PMD Pro® certification you will learn:

  • Organize your work to make you and your organization more effective at managing projects

  • Articulate what is in your project scope, what is out of scope, and why

  • Plan effectively and develop an accurate schedule to manage projects

  • Define roles and responsibilities for your project team

  • Stay in control of your project to deliver on time, on budget, and in scope

Contact us for a free consultation, to learn if PMD Pro® is the right certification for you.

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