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Augmented Reality

As technology evolves it will keep influencing how we do things. Now that Corona forced all of us indoors and stopped normal class room bound training and learning activities it is high time, we learn more about the new things that are out there. Many are familiar with Virtual Reality, but do you really understand #augmentedreality and how it is different from virtual reality?

As training and collaboration is reinvented based on work from home or learn from home scenarios, we need to embrace the new technology out there and understand how it can influence and improve the way we do things.

Augmented Reality superimposes things on your real picture, so that for example as you walk through a mall, it can show you what kind of shop you are passing. Ikea uses it in their stores, Disney uses it, Manchester City has a AR driven stadium tour, etc. Why not embrace it in training as others are already do.

The article below will help you understand what AR is and how it works.

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