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Common Problems in Project Management

A lot of the problems #projectmanagers encounter in their #projects are not unique to their project or the company. The majority are common problems and can be addressed. Very often #leadershipskills and improved #communication are already the solution. As project managers we need to keep working on these skills in order to grow in the profession. Take that little extra time to sort out communication issues and misunderstandings. Take that little extra time to have a cup of tea with someone off site to understand where they are coming from and what issues are in their lives. It also helps to find out what the ongoing undercurrents are between people or departments.

The problems mentioned in the article below are basically all internally addressable, yet they are very common and at the same time the most ignored. We do not like dealing with personal issues, and just assume we can work with each other even when there are unresolved conflicts. I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about communication and resolving conflicts yet the problems are all about some people not doing their job or pulling their weight. However several of these go back to lack of project team buy in and lack of team formation.

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