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Consulting during Covid-19 Crisis and in a Post Covid-019 Scenario

#Consulting has traditionally been more a face-to-face approach and meetings have played a big role. Add to that mentoring and coaching and you can see it involves a lot of interaction. However in our new reality we suddenly find ourselves in a situation where we can not operate as before. We are suddenly bound in our houses.

It is now agreed that this Covid-19 will completely change the way we work. Hence we need to prepare ourselves. We need to come up with a Strategy that will work not just during the Covid-19 Crisis, but also in the post-Covid-19 era.

The former approach and lifestyle will no longer work. I believe a lot more things will be done remotely and online meetings will replace a lot of the face-to-face meetings. Even mentoring & coaching will go more online than face-to-face.

This is the right time to rethink the way you work and see what you can do online.

If you need help with working online, contact us. We will mentor and coach you through your transition.

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