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Culture is Key in Strategy Implementation

For successful implementation of strategic goal projects you need to work on the right culture within the company. Aim should be an open and honest culture in which people feel free to ask questions, raise their concerns, but also can be sure they get the real information. I often work with chatty emails to all staff members with the latest updates with general info, not project management details. For example during an office move project, I will bring info like latest photos from an area that is ready and looking nice & shiny, with some newsflash about bus stops and places one can get lunch nearby on a budget.

I also mention which department will be sitting together. Goal is to create a general excitement about the coming change. I also make a point of meeting each department separately, giving them ample chance to ask questions and voice any concerns.

Stakeholder engagement is the most important part of your strategy implementation. Everyone needs to have the feeling we are in this together.

In the following article there are more tips.

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