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Developing the Disciplined Agile Mindset

#disciplinedagile is less about following a set of rules, and more about developing a #damindset. You need to understand the tools at your disposal, when they apply and when you use which one. Then, like an artist uses the basic knowledge of colors, materials, proportions etc to play around with it creating true art, the disciplined agile #projectmanager uses his knowledge of the tools. With a DA mindset you will be able to play with the tools, mix and match and come up with the right flavor of agile for your project.

In this time and age of #projecteconomy we need to move from frameworks to "whatever works" and have fun while at it.

However this level of agility requires #designthinking and even more planning every step of the way. It is not the easy way out for the lazy people, but the creative approach to ever more complex problems.

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