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Digging deeper - the Hybrid Manifesto

Let's have a closer look at the #hybridmanifesto. What does it really say?

  1. Consider the timing, skills, perspectives and feelings of individuals.

  2. Create a secure environment to allow transparency and freedom in communication.

  3. Define indicators that reflect the team's performance and the agreed results.

  4. Determine a management structure, team, and leadership style appropriate to the context.

  5. Balance expectations and engage key stakeholders.

  6. Choose the best combination of approaches to achieve the results.

  7. Establish a continuous flow of value delivery.

  8. Be prepared to quickly manage learning, changes, and risks, considering a systemic view.

  9. Manage iteratively to facilitate learning and allow adaptations.

  10. Maintain an integrated view of the environment, business, practices and people.

  11. Plan, document and adapt as needed.

  12. Simplify and cultivate a continuous process improvement.

These principles really demonstrate how the role of #projectmanager has changed over time. A project manager is no longer the one giving instructions which are to be followed by everyone. Over time the role has evolved into a role of #peoplemanager. #leadershipskills are the most important skills for modern #projectmanagers. Principle 1 & 2 are working directly with principle 4 and show how adaptive the #leadershipstyle needs to be for you to be respectful to your team members.

Take some time today and think about it. Are you really treating your team with the respect they deserve? Are you really developing the leadership style and the approach for the project with your team? Are you developing metrics and indicators of performance together? Are you focused on the people in your project? Be they team members or other stakeholders.

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