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Governance, Compliance and Agile - how do they complement each other?

#Governance always comes with a real need of #compliance. On first thought this may be a direct conflict with #agileprinciples of #selfgovernance of teams within an organization. However for you to implement #agilegovernance, compliance needs to be planned and laid out. It is of utmost importance that you spend some time thinking this through. Self-governing teams within an organization need to remain within a certain framework. For true #agility they need space within the framework so they can play within. This is necessary in order to ensure they strategic alignment remains and strategic goals are achieved.

If you respond to the following questions, you will be able to maneuver this in a effective way:

  1. Decide and understand what the organization needs in terms of governance and compliance. This can only be done with deep stakeholder engagement.

  2. Remember that governance & compliance aim to create a safe and controlled environment to work in

  3. Do your plans for agility align with the current #businessneeds?

  4. How does your project add #businessvalue

  5. What are the clearly defined outputs of your project?

  6. Define how the project will be monitored

  7. Define how project risks will be handled, with special attention to iterative design risks and agile competency risks

  8. Decide how you will ensure that you will comply with regulations and legal aspects

Once you have addressed all the above you are off to a great start for agile governance.

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