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Leading a Virtual Team well

Here you are sitting at home and expected to suddenly lead your team remotely. Or have some team members suddenly remotely, while those doing the implementation on the project site are still on work as usual. These are new challenges and many of us need to learn quickly how to adapt.

#projectmanagers need to adapt to new situations and new requirements to their #leadershipskills constantly. However the current worldwide Corona Crisis has thrown #projects and #projectmanagement into array the world over. Suddenly there are totally #leadership has to be rethought. Many are struggling with keeping their team committed to work and figuring out how to be able to reach them. Often we want to fall back into old punitive kind of reactions, however as all of us adjust to the new situation, it is important to keep our #emotionalintelligence working overdrive. Be compassionate & understanding. Check out 2 articles in top leadership magazines.

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