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Mistakes to avoid during the Agile Transformation

The article by Mckinsey quoted below lists the missteps that can derail your #agiletransformation.

Lets look at the positive steps you need to do before you read the article.

1. Align your Team - all need to have bought in for success

2. Understand that #agile will be the strategy that goes beyond the pilots and will direct how you do things and how you mitigate in times of crisis. It will become your priority.

3. Your entire corporate culture will need to change. This needs clear change management and change champions on all levels of the structure. At the same time the Senior Level needs to develop a culture of trust, while the Junior Levels need to develop a culture of trustworthiness and reliability.

4. Investment in talent will become a major focus

5. Even when developing the pilots, the bigger picture needs to be kept in mind. Sensitization and training of all members of staff needs to start here.

6. You need a stable backbone to support agile approach on all levels

7. Experimentation & Iteration needs to become part of the DNA of the company

Agile transformation is a full transformation and affects all levels of an organization and all mindsets will need to change. Familiarize yourself with the Change Cycle as laid out by Kubler Ross, which shows the different stages has to go through to reach from denial to acceptance of the new cycle. Those who find this change too hard, may end up choosing to leave. But the gains in the end will be so much more.

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