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Preparing your Team for Return to Work from Office

As part of all the plans for Health & Safety that need to be put in place regarding cleanliness, social distancing and sanitizing, you also need to think of the mental health of your team. During this time of change we need reassurance more than anything else. Expect your team members to be worried about returning to the office. many questions will pop up in their minds. Here are just a few:

- Will I be safe?

- How safe is my commute?

- What if someone in the office gets sick?

- What if someone in the office develops symptoms during the day?

- How will we keep social distance?

- Is using the washrooms safe?

- Where will we get lunch?

- How safe is the water dispenser?

- How will we hold meetings?

- Can I chat with my colleagues like before?

Make sure you communicate well and in detail. Make sure your team has a chance to ask all the questions they may have. Also have clear rules in place, so that all understand what is expected.

This particular transition from the safe working space at home back out into the normal world is harder, than most will admit. Taking care of your teams mental health during this time will help your team transition back without too much problems.

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