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Team building - why it is important for Project Teams

Every time a team is put together the individuals will go through the different phases of team building. Forming - storming - norming - performing is something that needs to be taken serious. If you do not help your team members through these stages, your team may not be able to perform at it's best. Even in a scenario where a #projectmanager is allocated people from a fixed pool, never assume they are performing team already. There may be unresolved conflicts from a previous project or they may not have worked together in this combination before. Let's concentrate this ear on having high performing teams by doing conscious team building. Rally your team around a common cause, help them align their values with the team's / the project's / the company's values. Spend some time creating a #teamcharter with the team to clarify how you will engage and work together from the beginning. #projectmanagement #projectsuccess #teambuilding

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