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The 6 Steps of Business Analysis

#businessanalysis is a very structured process that follows logical steps. The #businessanalyst follows these steps meticulously for best outcomes. #businesssuccess can be build on this.

In Guru99 these steps are laid out as follows:

  • Enterprise analysis

    • You look at the company as a whole, where is it at and what is hampering progress

  • Requirement planning and Management

    • This is self explanatory, you define your tasks and resources

  • Requirement Elicitation

    • During this step you engage your stakeholders and gather their interpretation of the requirements.

  • Requirement analysis and Documentation

    • Now you compile all the information gathered in the 2 previous steps into one cohesive document

  • Requirement Communication

    • This is then presented to the stakeholders for their input and buy-in

  • Solution Evolution and Validation

The most commonly used techniques include the following:

  • SWOT


  • MoSCoW


  • The 5 Whys

  • The 6 thinking hats

Learn more about the 6 steps and all these tools in this article.

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