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The Agile Mindset

#Agile is a big buzzword and everyone claims to be agile or to use an agile approach. However when you analyze what it really means you quickly discover that you actually need an #agilemindset and the right kind of projects to be able to be truly working in an agile way. For example a construction project will never be truly agile, but certain aspects of it can be done in an agile approach, making the methodology a hybrid methodology. Why am I saying that? You can not build the 5th floor before you have done the foundation and the other floors below, unless it is some kind of pre-fabricated build. But you still need to plan in advance how many floors you will need and what will be in them, before you design the foundation. That is the part of the construction that needs to be done following traditional project management.

So what do you need to have or develop an agile mindset? It all starts with #respect, #trust and #collaboration. Unless your team has this for each other and the Senior Management trusts the team fully, you will not be able to truly become agile. It will the the team, that develops the project scope as they go along and plan the iterations individually.

This week we want to spend some time learning more about the agile mindset.

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