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Virtual Agile Teams - part 3 - Help we are not co-located

Many #Agileteams are used to moving things around on a physical team, using lots of sticky notes and collaborating together. Now that most of us work from home, it is not easily possible. What to do?

When your agile team suddenly becomes a #virtualagileteam it can be very confusing at first. You are so used to meet every day and collaborate closely and suddenly it is no longer possible. Remember that, even though you and your team are agile, you are also human. This sudden major change can through you off and you all need to go through the different stages of accepting change, as laid out by Kuebler-Ross:

Stage 1: Shock & Denial

Stage 2: Anger

Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 4: Depression

Stage 5: Acceptance

Everyone has to go through these stages. If you are at your happy place and used to frequent changes you may not notice each stage and go through them in a matter of minutes. However how strong your reaction is and how much time you will end up spending in each stage depends on a number of internal and external factors. The amount of stress in your life, the problems you are facing, the impact on your life that the change you are facing will have, what fears you are facing, what your health is etc all directly impact how you will react to change. Your reaction today will be different, then if you are faced by a similar change at another phase in your life.

This is where you need your emotional intelligence for both understanding yourself and your reaction and your team members and their reactions. Once you have understood why each individual - including yourself - is reacting the way they are, you can help them through.

Once this is done you can go about setting up your virtual agile team. The keynote by Peter Ivanov gives you practical tips, from choosing time zones to how to adjust your communication and meeting style and how to inspire a winning spirit in the team remotely. He also gives tips on how to leverage technology to bring out the best in your team.

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