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Agile Governance - Reimagining Policy Making

The #fourthindustrialrevolution forces all of us to shift in a way never imagined before. #agilegovernance is a shift that helps Senior Management and Decision Makers shift and move with the times. The simplest form of governance is making decisions and exercising authority to influence behavior of individuals and organizations. Emerging technologies are shifting a lot of the decision making away from the top tires of organizations and organizations have to embrace #Agility to keep up with these developments. With this the entire approach to #governance has to change. It may sound like a contradiction to have governance become Agile, but it is an empowering move forward.

Some of the methods used in Agile Governance include include #systemthinking and #designthinking. These are both much talked about, but often misunderstood. The biggest step here is becoming completely open to totally rethinking what has been done before.

Read this article for deeper insight.

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