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Benefits of Scaled Agile Frameworks SAFe

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

#scaledagileframeworks is a publicly available framework for applying lean/agile practices at Enterprise scale. It has been widely adopted due to it's clear benefits:

  1. Quality - the key to be able to rapidly adapt & deliver

  2. Productivity - teams are aligned with the product, the continuous collaboration gives them a high level of transparency, they clearly understand the deliverables and in turn set expectations of the stakeholder

  3. Team-centric Environment - an agile team is cross-functional and self-organising, scaled Agile adds the clear vision

  4. Shorter Time-to-Market - The use of agile frameworks allows organisations to deliver value to market quickly

  5. Specific - specific concepts and practices to be used by teams to develop software

  6. Transparency - gives a complete picture of software development breaking down the traditional silos

With these benefits an organization is guaranteed fast development and introduction to the market of high quality software. Hence #SAFe is definitely worth considering if you are in the #softwaredevelopment market

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