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Design a Return to Work from Office Plan

Designing a work from Office plan during this Covid Crisis is something that needs wider consideration. There is health & safety to think of, productivity, employee concerns and fears, legal requirements and the covid 19 prevention guidelines. To help you here is a list of things to consider:

  1. In order to keep social distancing not all can return to the office

  2. What to do with those employees who are pregnant or have a pre-existing condition?

  3. How to ensure employees are safe during the commute, lunch, at their desk and during visits to the washroom, which are often shared with other companies

  4. How to ensure those with fever or possible early symptoms remain at home

  5. What do employment act and labour laws say

  6. what are the government guidelines for work places and what are the DOSH requirements

  7. Is the office ready for this? What is the Covid 19 risk analysis and what risk responses do we need in place

  8. What do we need to do when someone falls sick? Isolation? Fumigation? Testing?

  9. Will our employees be able to reach the office safely? Are they scared of using public transport?

Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines from the MoH and the DOSH requirements before you consider calling your team back to the office.

The article below, even though written from an American perspective can give you a few good pointers.

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