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Disciplined Agile - what is it?

#Disciplinedagile is a decision making framework which puts individuals first and offers only lightweight guidance to help teams optimize their processes according to the unique needs of the individual project.

Disciplined Agile was developed in IBM in 2009, but only 3 years later was it introduced to the main market. It is people centered and is all about designing effective processes.

DA's Strengths:

  1. Hybrid nature

  2. Allows the team to follow 1 Agile Method while allowing for customization

DA's Weaknesses:

  1. Not ideal for organizations that are new to #Agile, it requires a high #Agilematurity

  2. The Framework itself has little guidance, hence you are more likely to need a #Consultant

It gives highly experience #Agileteams the flexibility they crave for best performance. If you and your team have been using #Agileapproach to projects successfully, this is the right framework that will help you take your Agile performance to a new level.

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