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Leadership Development

#leadership is pushed and forced to grow during times of crisis. #leaders can evolve drastically during crisis. Leadership is actually the ability to help others triumph, not a title or a position in the hierarchy.

During a crisis, a leader not only needs to work himself through the new reality and come to terms with it, but also assist others. Here are a few pointers on how to go about it:

  1. Acknowledge people’s fears, then encourage resolve - this will already help people understand that it is ok, to fear and be uncertain, it is normal and does nto mean you are weak.

  2. Give people a role and purpose - many can't think themselves in the first stages of change and need a push in the right direction to get them going again.

  3. Emphasize experimentation and learning - often big inventions are born in times of crisis

  4. Tend to energy and emotion — yours and theirs - sort yourself out first (stage 1 of emotional intelligence) and then use your empathy skills to understand the others (stage 2 of emotional intelligence)

Read more in the article below:

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