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Leadership during the Corona Crisis

During times of crisis people look to #leaders more than ever for guidance and reassurance. True #leadership is needed with passionate leaders who work tirelessly reassuring, and nurturing their team, while also struggling to come to terms with the situation themselves. #covid19 is pushing leadership to it's boundaries more than any other crisis has done. There are so many unknowns and uncertainties, that even the most adept leader is pushed themselves. The following 7 Cs can help you in your leadership:

  1. Calm - you need to do your own coming to terms with the situation at home outside of work, so that during work you exude the calm in the storm

  2. Confidence - this is new territory for all of us, but you still need to find a way to show confidence

  3. Communication - if you think you have communicated enough, communicate some more

  4. Collaboration - involve your team, let them come up with possible solutions. This is not the time to dictate.

  5. Community - you need to have social meetings, yes you can have a virtual drink or birthday party.

  6. Compassion - compassion and emotional intelligence are your go to tools

  7. Cash - you need to keep the financial health of your company in mind for all the decisions you make

Read more about this in the following article:

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