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The DevOps Toolchain

Wikipedia aptly describes the #DevOpstoolchain such: "The DevOps Toolchain is a set or combination of tools that aid in the delivery, development, and management of software applications throughout the systems development life cycle, as coordinated by an organisation that uses DevOps practices."

The key principles of #devops are continuous integration and continuous delivery. It is an iterative approach, where anything that is developed is implemented and keeps on being continously improved upon.

Some of the key aspects of DevOps are, but not limited to:

- Automation

- Integration

- Self-Service

- Collaboration

The #toolchain that you build and customize subsequently needs to be homogeneous with the standardization of the DevOps framework. Aim is to follow the same proven process every time. Your toolchain shapes the processes you develop, so you need to ensure you chose the right one.

To get you started, here are some sample Toolchains:

  1. Sample 1:

    1. Planning & Collaboration

    2. Source Control Tools

    3. Tracking & Escalating Issues

    4. Continuous Integration

    5. Configuration Management

    6. Artifact Repositories

    7. Monitoring

    8. Testing & Automation

    9. Deployment

2. Sample 2:

  1. Plan

  2. Create

  3. Verify

  4. Package

  5. Release

  6. Configure

  7. Monitor

  8. Version Control

The determined stages need to be followed in the given order.

Read more in the article below and contact us for any consultancy needs for developing your own customized DevOps Toolchain

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