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What do Project Management Consultants do?

Responsibilities of a #projectmanagementconsultant can be very varied and the field is wide. A Consultant can be internal, hired for a set period of time with a clear scope or external, contracted for a set period of time with a clear scope.

There are also specialty niches for Project Management Consultants, below are a few listed:

  • Outsourced scheduler

  • Risk Analysis specialist

  • Contract specialist

  • PMO Set-up specialist

  • Training Specialist

  • Advisor to Senior Management

  • Provider / Outsource of PMO staff pr project staff

  • Project Compliance Office Specialist

However there are more niche markets. Before you decide to settle for a certain niche market, make sure you do your research. Just because there is no one in a certain niche, does not mean, that there is a need in your particular market.

At the same time, do not set yourself up for a certain niche without actual practical experience. Experience is what lends you credibility. Hence traditionally a Consultant was always a VERY experienced practitioner.

The main skills a Consultant needs for success are:

  • subject matter expertise in the chosen market & niche

  • a willingness and ability to develop customized solutions - not one-fits-all

  • solid people skills

  • solid management experience

  • a love fro working with people and nurturing them

  • experience in mentorship

  • experience in coaching

  • eloquent speaker with wide experience doing presentations

  • a willingness to sit down with individuals to nurture them

You can see a #consultant is not just a great #projectmanager or #subjectmatterexpert, but a true #leader who has #servantleadership at the heart and is willing to sit down and do the work. As a consultant you will spend a lot of time in one-on-one sessions.

Contact us for all your consultancy needs, your training needs and for mentorship & coaching. Our skilled team will be happy to help you along.

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