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Why is Value Stream Management important?

"Value streams are everything in the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) from idea to production needed to deliver software products or services to customers." - This quote is straight from the article below.

When using #valuestreammanagement you gain end-to-end visibility of and control of your different value streams. This enables you to see the greater picture and more effectively improve your processes. The outcome will be

  • Break down silos

  • Get real time data on metrics

  • Enable collaboration across teams

  • Ensure governance is aligned

  • Streamline work flows

Value Stream Management allows you to deliver and implement software faster with less risk. While building on current ways of working, value stream management allows for constant adjustment and streamlining through the constant monitoring and analysis. DevOps metrics and Flow Metrics are used for the analysis and allow for continuous compliance and automated governance. Read more in the blog below.

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