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Benefits of Disciplined Agile - why use it?

#Disciplinedagile has very clear benefits for the experienced #agilepractitioner.

  1. It takes the mysterious out of Agile Software Development

  2. It speeds up your Agile transformation

  3. It enables context-sensitive process choices

  4. It extends scrum beyond it's limitations

  5. It provides a foundation to make SAFe work

  6. It provides a foundation from which to scale agile tactically

  7. It provides enterprise-class DevOps

  8. It implements customer-focused value-streams

  9. It is enterprise ready

  10. It evolves empirically

  11. it is pragmatic, not purist

  12. It increases your chances of success of your Agile transformation

Read about this and more, including practical success stories in the article below.

For your journey into Disciplined Agile you do need an experienced partner to walk with you. Contact us and we will walk with you all the way.,guidance%20for%20making%20effective%20choices.

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