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Considerations when optimizing your DevOps Toolchain

While optimizing your #devopstoolchain you need to consider the bigger picture. There many parts of the #toolchain to be taken into account. #DevOps focuses squarely on the rapid development and delivery of software and digital services to drive value. Rolling out DevOPs alone is already a major task. It requires investing heavily in projects to transform IT processes, upskill teams, integrate a new ecosystem of tools, and build out a technical framework that forms the software delivery engine. Then you need to ensure the operational availability of all the tools.

For all this to be effective and you to be able to optimize your toolchain, you need to look at the following:

  1. DevOps and the DevOps Toolchain

  2. Operational Complexity of DevOps Toolchains

    1. Large number of pipelines & users

    2. Large number of tools

    3. High level of interconnection

    4. Increasingly cloud-based nature of the DevOps tools

  3. The Impact of DevOps Toolchain Disruption

  4. Move Beyond Traditional Monitoring for Cloud-Based DevOps

  5. Mature DevOps Requires Mature Toolchain Visibility

Learn more in the blog below.

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