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Successful Agile Transformation

Now that we have spend time this week looking at the Agile transformation journey and the road map, let's think about what a successful #agiletransformation will look like. What will you have achieved when you have completed the transformation and are now working in a #agilebusiness?

The following transformations will be complete:

  1. Organizational Transformation - this includes the following to be practiced

    1. Adoption through execution

    2. PMO / Portfolio / Project Mentoring

    3. Success Road Map developed

  2. People Transformation

    1. Executive Adaption complete

    2. Functional Management Redesign Program

    3. Team is trained on Agile Practice

  3. Tool Transformation

    1. Agile Tools adopted

    2. Established Performance Metrics

    3. Best suitable reports determined & implemented

  4. Process & Methods

    1. Agile practice execution

    2. Change Management

    3. New PMO Processes established

    4. Ecosystem of business function

Once all the above is accomplished and / or established the ground is set for a successful Agile organization. The transformed Agile Ecosystem will have these:

  1. Change Management at the center of everything with a strong focus on people management and helping people through the change

  2. Business Agility

  3. PMO Agility

  4. Product Agility

  5. Growth Agility

  6. Delivery Agility

Work does not stop there, but this is the beginning of the road to #maturity in #agility.

We will partner with you on this journey and walk with you every step of the way mentoring and guiding your team.

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