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The Agile Transformation Journey

#Agiletransformation is a journey, all team members need to buy in and embrace it. The first step is developing the #agilemindset we talked about last week. Let's spend some time this week looking at what the actual journey into an #Agilebusiness actually entails.

It is easier to understand what an agile organization is and the transformational benefits are well recognized, however to pull and actual Agile transformation is a whole different thing. The aim should be to combine adaptability with stability and efficiency.

The change will affect all these areas:

  1. People - Leadership, Talent Management, Culture and informal networks and communication

  2. Processes - Team processes, Linkage Mechanisms, Planning & Decision Processes, Performance Management

  3. Technology - Supporting System and Tools, Architecture Evolution, Delivery Pipeline, IT Infrastructure and Operations

  4. Structure - Workforce Size and Location Model, Reporting Structure, Roles and Responsibilities, Governance

There are many paths to follow on your journey. The main thing is to find the balance between aspire, design and pilot on the one hand and scale and improve on the other. It needs to be an iterative approach. Introducing to much change in all areas at the same time will only overwhelm your team and you will loose the buy-in. Define all that needs to be changed, then prioritize and implement only one thing at a go.

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