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The move of Agile Teams into a virtual Environment

#agileteams have traditionally been co-located and it was actually perceived by some that it would be impossible to work #Agile in an virtual environment. However with the globalization and resources with relevant skills possibly being located in other parts of the world, the virtual environment has been becoming reality in #Agileprojects. The COVID 19 pushed this development suddenly even further, when millions of people across the globe were suddenly pushed into having to work from home.

A #virtualteam requires a different set of skills than a co-located team. There is not just the need for functioning technology, to enable zoom meetings etc, but the whole communication changes. Suddenly the unspoken part of communication like body language and picking up on vibes is gone. Even if you do video meetings, you never see the whole body. Many also are not comfortable on video calls. The entire team has to learn a new level of communication.

Building a rapport becomes more difficult and the Scrum Master needs to become very creative. Helping introverts integrate becomes another new challenge. You suddenly can't just pop by someone's desk and have a look at what they are creating. Creating a vision and outlining the strategic themes becomes even more important.

To build a united development culture is essential and at the same time a major challenge. Learn to maximize the "golden hours".

Contact us, we will walk with you through the process and train and mentor you to become a successful virtual team leader.

Read more about this in the article below.

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