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What do Virtual Agile Teams do different - Tips

#agileteams had initially gotten their adaptability and nimbleness from co-location. Now that they are thrown into a virtual or semi-virtual environment, suddenly the approach to some of the typical characteristics of an Agile team has to be changed in #Virtualagileteams. Let's look at some of these:

  1. Project Virtualization - traditionally it was done with post-it notes on a physical board - not online tools need to be used. Any online scheduling or task management tool with a Kanban Board can serve here

  2. Stand-ups - The daily stand-up or huddle which sets the team members up for the day and helps solve issues fast, traditionally were a huddle where the team comes together briefly in the morning. Now these have to be held virtually. This is best achieved in video calls where you can see each other

  3. Retros - end of sprint retrospectives where lessons learned are discussed and the group does a deep dive and / or brain storming for the way forward, were also usually co-located and white boards or flip charts were used for data collection. Now one should look for virtual white board tools. Even some of the video conferencing tools have white board capability. But make sure you can export what you write on the white board, or take a screen shot. Ensure you record the sessions and keep them in a common space so all team members can access the recording.

  4. Involvement - this is especially difficult if only part of the team is working remotely. You need to come up with creative ideas how to make them feel involved, and not just as helpers.

  5. Make it work - it is important to not overwhelm your team with new ideas and new initiatives during times of change like this. Give them time and mentor them through the adjustments necessary. Let the team decide how they think it will work best and also talk about aspects of virtual working during your retros. Review the Team Charter if necessary.

We can walk with you on this journey to virtual Agile teams and provide the #mentorship & #coaching you need. #leadership #thoughtleadership #agilemindset #agilebusiness

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