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What does Hybrid Project Management look like?

First we need to ask ourselves why #hybridprojectmanagement approach is gainnig popularity fast. Mainly 3 reasons contribute to it:

  1. Uncertainty and complexity

  2. Competitive markets

  3. High client expectations - add to that clients who keep changing or refining their expectations as you go along seem to have become the norm.

However to achieve a successful blend you need to put in the work and define approach, roles and responsibilities clearly from the beginning. You can not change successfully half way through your project.

  1. it can be compatible with any industry and team of any size

  2. blending happens at the beginning of the project

  3. responsibility needs to be clearly defined 

At the same time you need to come with a very flexible mind, since hybrid is based on compromise. You will have a project manager in the more traditional sense but may need also a #scrummaster during the #Agile sprints. #leadership #thoughtleadership

Read more in this very interesting article:

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